wood lightener- LiteniT sample kit 240ml

$30.00 excludes GST

Wood bleach- LiteniT sample kit:   Bleaching wood is easy with LiteniT.    (INSTRUCTIONS)

So try it out first on your wood to see if it will achieve the desired results.


LiteniT 240ml Kit. Great as a sample kit to test before you commit to the bigger project.
The LiteniT 240ml kit will treat approximately .5m2 of the surface area.
  • Litenit Wood Bleaching System.
  • A safe, VOC free, 2- component liquid wood bleach system that will remove the natural color from bare wood.
  • Will bleach any wood species.
  • Does not damage the wood.
  • Washes up in water.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Not harmful to the environment.
  • Australian made & owned.
  • Used by professionals as well as DIY.
Wooden Furniture
Timber Flooring/Decking (On/Off Site)
Cabinets, Veneers
Wooden Art/Sculptures

Lightening wood is easy with LiteniT 2 part wood lightening system. INSTRUCTIONS

Designed & made in Australia, so it works!

LiteniT will lighten any wood for any purpose.