wood bleach 20Lt kit- LiteniT 2 part wood bleaching system

$495.00 excludes GST

Wood bleach

Bleaching wood is easy with LiteniT 2 part wood bleaching system.   INSTUCTIONS

Designed & made in Australia, so it works!

Due to the patented part A. activator, there are no VOCs. Therefore it is safe to use.

Impressive results.

LiteniT will bleach any wood for any purpose.



Wood bleach- LiteniT 20Lt kit:

LiteniT will remove the natural colour from any wood without damaging the fibers.

Very easy to use, no special equipment required.

Bleaching wood is easy with LiteniT. Australian Made.

Perfect for the flooring to be bleached in an average house.


The LiteniT 20Lt kit will treat approximately 100-130m2 of the surface area.